2010 Authors' Corner

Miles MacArthur Athey, PhD
Cowboy Mac

Miles is a Ritzville native who pens humorous and inspirational writings. He has written six books, nine stage plays, dozens of inspirational writings, three books of poetry and is the author of more than 300 technical articles on business, education, engineering, science and health.

He has earned advanced degrees in several sciences including a doctorate in toxicology. For 40 years Miles served as a technical consultant to industry, business, government and educational institutions including the faculties of San Jose State University and Seattle Pacific University teaching science and business curricula.More...


Harland Eastwood

From his upstairs office of his great grandparents’ house, renowned historian and local author Harland Eastwood, Jr., ponders a current dilemma – what to do about history.
It is always the same question for Harland – what to do with the history he’s collected in more than 40 years. During those years, Harland collected newspaper clippings, books, guides to bottles and where they came from, old photographs and city directories.

He started unraveling the tangled web of local history when he tackled his first mass-produced piece, Ritzville Auto History in 2004.
Harland has published Ritzville Auto History, Mercantile Memories, Barracks Buddies of the 249th, Ritzville Trading Co. 1904-1968, Wild West Saloons of Adams County 1885-1915, Herr Kanzler’s Kinder, Here Comes the Judge and recently Pioneer Picnic Days on Crab Creek as well as articles in Nostalgia magazine and the Journal of the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia.
His first foray into publishing was in 1986, and included a collection of family photos and recollections, the Kanzler Scrapbook, which he bound by hand in hard covers.
Since then, Harland has spent countless hours researching history he has already collected while continuing to add pieces of information. And each time something is discovered, it opens the door for more questions.
It’s that quest for knowledge and urge to answer those questions that keeps Harland going.
Harland grew up in Seattle, and currently lives in the house his great-grandparents built in 1915 with his wife Marilyn. His German Russian immigrant great-grandparents came to Ritzville by covered wagon in 1882.


Dennis Thompson

Dennis Thompson, a Washington state native, has a life long interest in historic preservation and documentation. Born and raised in the Douglas Fir Region of northwestern Washington, he gained an interest in logging and railroad history by the age of 15, noting a lifetime pursuit of documenting steam logging and railroading in that region.

His first book, “Logging Railroads in Skagit County,” a 15-year project, details the railroad aspects of logging in the NW Douglas Fir Region, much of which has widespread effect on the balance of the state, including the early lumber retailers in Eastern Washington.
Dennis also produced, “The Climax Locomotive,” a specialty research book on this brand of geared steam locomotive. Dennis has also written magazine articles for both domestic and overseas periodicals.
His preservation efforts include saving a 97,000-pound Washington Steam Incline Hoist, which now safely resides in the Sedro Woolley Museum in Sedro Woolley.
Dennis is also interested in the Northern Pacific Railway depot museum in Ritzville and the preservation of agricultural farm equipment, windmills and tractors.
Dennis and his wife, Nona Keison, are also involved in the preservation of the Immanuel German Congregational Church, which resides on their home property outside of Ritzville.